Meet Dr. RJ

Dr. RJ Jackson

Certified Teen Life Coach

Many of you may know that Dr. RJ is one of the leaders in Preventative Orthodontics and is also recognized as one of the top providers of Invisalign in Austin, TX.

What many of you may not know about Dr. RJ is that he is a certified Life Coach for teenagers, more specifically a Leadership and Success Coach.

Dr. RJ became an orthodontist because he is passionate about smiles.

It all started in middle school when Dr. RJ discovered he had a heart to help others. In sixth grade, he found himself connecting with his peers on a deeper level. Dr. RJ was that person that students felt comfortable talking to, and sharing things with.

“I can remember being devastated after hearing student after student share with me how unhappy they were.“

This devastation lead Dr. RJ to create the first ever “Student Talks” program at his middle school. This program allowed students 15 mins a day to speak to teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors about life. With the success of that program, Dr. RJ committed to a lifelong mission of spreading happiness.

In high school, Dr. RJ first discovered his interest in orthodontics. His guidance counselor asked him what he wanted to pursue as a career. Dr. RJ’s response was:

“I want to make people happy. I want to spread happiness.”

So his counselor told him that he had two options for a career: a comedian or an orthodontist.

“That is an easy decision. I’m not funny, so orthodontics it is,” Dr. RJ responded.

And Dr. RJ never strayed from that path. He immediately went to college to major in biology and minor in chemistry. He then completed dental school and a three-year orthodontic residency.

He became an orthodontist in May 2012 and has been serving the Four Points community, just north of Austin TX, ever since.

“I love creating smiles.”

A few years ago, Dr. RJ had an experience where he coached one of his patients to not only becoming a more confident person, but also to becoming a straight A student.

At that point, he realized that he wanted to do more for his patients than just straighten their smiles on the outside. He committed to also helping his patients create smiles on the inside.

Since then, Dr. RJ has coached many types of challenges amongst teenagers such as students who want to improve their grades, students who want to improve their relationships, and students who want to improve in extracurricular activities.

“The mental aspect has a greater impact on your overall success than the mechanical.”

With his training in life coaching, Dr. RJ is able to help teens create smiles on the inside.

Today, Dr. RJ continues to create smiles both on the outside (with Orthodontics) and on the inside (with Teen Life Coaching).

Learn more about Dr. RJ’s coaching program and Get Your Happy Teen Back!